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Summarized Report

Summarized Report

The companies report that with just one look gives you the legal information and corporate structure of a company. A photograph of the current situation of a company.

Summarized Report Example

The Summarized Report offers a quick vision of the current situation of a company. It contains information on the legal and corporate situation of a company published by public sources, such as BORME, and gives you any company's current position.

INFORMA D&B's Summarized Report contains the following information:


  • Basic Risk Information, with a business risk objective qualification.
  • Judicial and Insolvency Proceedings Information: get to know all the insolvency proceedings and special procedures, legal actions and administrative claims published in the different official gazettes.
  • Restructuring Plan: allows the conditions or structure of the company's assets, liabilities and/or equity to be modified so that the company can avoid insolvency or emerge from it.
  • Defaults of Payment Files: all non-payments registered in the main default of payment files of Spain: RAI, ASNEF Empresas, EBE Defaults of Payment, ICIRED, RIJ.


The information about administrators and principals of the company with their appointment and cessation dates (if any) as well as the financial links of the company: shareholders and participations of the company.


Official information on the company published in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Register (BORME), Official State Gazette, Provincials Gazettes and Press Releases.

You can complement the Summarized Report with different modular products that would provide you with more information when you need it. If you consult more than one report on the same company on the same day, we do only charge you once: the one with the higher amount.

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