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Sole Proprietorship Report

Sole Proprietorship Report

The sole proprietorships report would allow you to know all the legal and commercial information of a sole proprietor and having a credit risk analysis on it.

Content of the Sole proprietorship's reports

Our Sole Proprietorship Report, online and Investigated, contains the following information:

Business Risk Information. 

  • Informa's Rating is a classification system of a business' solvency, it gives a business risk objective qualification and an opinion on the credit limit on a sole proprietorship. An exclusive data offered only in Informa's reports.
  • Restructuring Plan: allows the conditions or structure of the company's assets, liabilities and/or equity to be modified so that the company can avoid insolvency or emerge from it.
  • Judicial and Insolvency Proceedings Information: all the insolvency proceedings and special procedures, legal actions and administrative claims published in the different official gazettes, related to the sole proprietorship's professional and business activities.

Trade and Legal Information.
 Official information published in official gazettes or newspapers. Sole-proprietorships are not required to register any act in the Mercantile Registry, although exceptionally, there may be some act published in the BORME for this type of legal form.

Business Information.
 Information related with the sole-proprietorship's business activities, brands, trade names, or number of employees (in case this information is available), as well as public tenders information.

Financial Information
Sole-proprietorships are not required to file their accounts but sometimes also have information on sales, supplies and financial results.

100% reliable data on sole proprietorships' information

The information available on our sole proprietorship reports comes from public official sources, for that reason, the data offered about sole proprietorship is 100% reliable and complete information, for you to have updated and true information.

Our team of expert analysts would help you to locate the information you need on the businessmen - sole-proprietorship with whom you are going to begin commercial relations. Besides, you could request an Investigated Report to avoid possible risks when establishing commercial relations.

Sole proprietorship' reports usefulness

Sole proprietorship's reports are a way to simplify the task of collecting information on this specific type of companies. Official sources offer all the necessary data to collect information on sole proprietorships but reports save us time and optimise all resources to offer all the searched information.

For that reason, the sole proprietorship reports have turned into one of the key tools to get to know information about the commercial activities of the sole proprietorship registered in Spain.

Access to our database and obtain all the information on any sole proprietorship in Spain.

100% reliable data on sole proprietorships

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