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Non-payments claim

Non-payments claim

Informa D&B offers access to ICIRED Impagados, your ally to swiftly, safely, and effectively reclaim your unpaid invoices.

We provide assistance with:

  • Reclaim your unpaid invoices.
  • Accelerate the payment of your debts.
  • Protect your cash flow.
  • Enhance your financial health.

Forget about the tedious formalities and the endless waiting; we handle it all.

Efficiency and protection with ICIRED

ICIRED is the first Credit Information System open and accessible for everyone, where users (companies, sole proprietorships, and individuals) exchange data about failures to meet monetary obligations .

Sharing information considerably increases the pressure on the debtor's financial reputation, increasing the recovery rate of unpaid invoices.

Efficiency and protection with ICIRED

Why ICIRED Impagados?

At ICIRED Impagados, we swiftly, safely, and effectively recover your unpaid invoices.

We have extensive experience in the sector and are familiar with the main difficulties in debt collection:

  • Lack of communication: communication of the debt, being able to talk to the valid interlocutor.
  • Lack of involvement: sometimes there is no time or knowledge to manage unpaid debts.
  • Lack of payment channels: no convenient and secure options are offered for the debtor to settle the debt.

We offer a comprehensive solution that combines:

  • Reliable communication: we have a communication system that ensures that the debtor is legally and validly notified of the debt.
  • Social pressure: the inclusion of the debtor in our defaults of payment file can be a powerful incentive to regularise the debt.
  • Immediate payment channel: we provide a secure and convenient online payment system for the debtor to quickly and easily settle the debt.
Why ICIRED Impagados?

Claim your non-payments with ICIRED


How does ICIRED Impagados work?

With ICIRED Impagados you can quickly and effectively recover your unpaid invoices.

At ICIRED Impagados, we know haste is the key to recover your unpaid invoices.

Thus, we have simplified the process as much as possible. All you have to do is access INFORMA's Non-payments Claim product and complete the form with the details of the unpaid invoice and the debtor. The more information you provide, the greater the chance of successful recovery.

And that's it! ICIRED Impagados takes care of the rest:

  • Notification: we issue a certified digital communication to the debtor, informing of the debt and requesting payment. Besides, we notify their possible inclusion in ICIRED debtors' file.
  • Registration in ICIRED: after registration in the file, we inform the debtor by the same means, facilitating payment by a quick, convenient and immediate model.
  • Communication: one of our specialists will contact the debtor to explain the consequences of being included in a defaults of payment file. We'll extend an invitation for the debtor to make the payment and we will facilitate the management through a secure and convenient online payment gateway.
How does ICIRED Impagados work?


  1. Extreme simplicity:
    Forget about tedious forms and cumbersome processes. Enter the unpaid invoice information with just a few clicks and you're done.
  2. Effective pressure:
    We register unpaid invoice in ICIRED, an open, freely accessible file. This increases considerably the pressure on the debtor's financial reputation, encouraging payment.
  3. Reliable communication:
    We use digital channels to notify the debtor of the debt in a legally valid way, guaranteeing receipt of the message.
  4. Immediate payment:
    We provide the debtor with a secure, fast and convenient online payment system to settle the debt instantly.
  5. Double reinforcement:
    We combine digital communication with telephone contact from a debt collection professional, maximising the chances of success.
  6. Customised solutions:
    We tailor our service to your needs, offering different options to effectively recover your money.
  7. Tangible results:
    We significantly increase the recovery rate of your unpaid invoices.
  8. Security and confidence:
    We scrupulously comply with data protection regulations and protection of the right to honour.


Swiftly, safely, and effectively recover your unpaid invoices