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INFORMA ESG Intelligence

INFORMA ESG Intelligence

INFORMA ESG Intelligence encompasses a set of national and international solutions that will allow you to improve in sustainability and ESG performance, access information on this subject about your suppliers’ and customers’ chain and be able to implement customised solutions developed specifically for your organisation.

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We help you meet your sustainability objectives

Nowadays, sustainability and ESG are practically synonymous. The initials ESG refers to companies’ environmental, social and governance measures.

There is an increasing need to ensure the future survival of companies by sustainably conducting their business and generating beneficial effects for the environment, the community, employees and customers. Measuring the factors that influence this impact of our activity is a complex task due to the lack of transparency and quality of the few easily accessible data.

INFORMA offers you the following ESG solutions:


National ESG information

We compile all ESG data of Spanish companies

  • ESG taxonomy improvement with press releases.
  • Compilation of 98 non-financial information indicators.
  • Publication of 14 public indicators required by the new European regulation.


Global ESG solutions

ESG Rankings and D&B Risk Analytics ESG help you understand and manage the ESG performance of your suppliers’ and customers’ chain.

  • Data on more than 80 million companies wordwide.
  • 31 Topic Rankings.
  • ESG Scores based on international standards.


ESG Consulting

Thanks to the agreement with TheLogicValue, a consultancy firm specialised in tailor-made ESG solutions, we design:

  • ESG management model for the company that needs it.
  • Models to control CO2 emissions.
  • Solutions for the measurement and control of physical risks.

What is ESG?

At INFORMA, we collect information on the three ESG dimensions:

  1. Environmental: information on the environmental impact of the company and the measures developed to minimise it.
  2. Social: information on how the company treats its employees and the people it interacts with.
  3. Governance: information related to corporate governance, business ethics and company policies.

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