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Individual Databases

Individual Databases

Do you need to get new customers related to your products or services?

We offer Individuals Databases for your direct marketing campaigns. Purchasing a database will assist you in mailing, emailing or telemarketing campaigns.

Why purchase an Individuals' database?

At INFORMA, we have information and effective tools for commercial prospecting and B2C customer acquisition that will help you achieve your aims: improve your sales and open up new business opportunities. Discover our specialised Marketing information services with the widest range of individuals' databases to carry out direct marketing actions.

Discover our specialised Marketing information services with the widest range of individuals' databases to carry out direct marketing actions.

What is an individuals' database?

It is a list containing valuable information for direct marketin. Individuals databases are essential to reach your target audience and offer the services that best suit them.

What data can be included in a database?

We have information for direct marketing, mailing, emailing and telemarketing campaigns that we can also enrich with different indicators to refine the segmentations you need.

  • Data associated with housing
  • Data associated with the address
  • Income indicators

Telemarketing databases and mailing databases

At INFORMA we help you improve your customer acquisition with our individuals’ databases with which you can carry out direct marketing actions such as telemarketing and postal mailing.

We have information on name and surname, address and telephone number.

Contact us if you need additional information and we will conduct a customised segmentation for you.

Why purchase an Individuals

Household’s Database

Access to the most significant Spanish households' database with classifications depending on income estimations. Get to know the estimated income value of more than 20 million building units at a floor and door level, updated annually and in strict compliance with data protection laws.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement reached with Aplicaciones Estadísticas y Consultoría, S.L., we make available to you, with preferential conditions, the largest database of Spanish households, with classifications according to their estimated income.

The aggregate results of this prediction model are contrasted with real data by census section published by the Madrid City Council and certified by the Department of Statistics and Operations Research I of the Mathematics Faculty of the UCM.

Advantages of the Household Database

The Household Database has nationwide coverage of more than 20 million homes. You will have the purchasing power assessment at floor and door level, not at a portal level like most other products on the market, making it a great alternative to mass mailing. Discover all the advantages of the Households' Database for your direct marketing actions:

  • Reduce the dropout rate.
  • Send better offers according to the acquisition capacity.
  • Refine the launching of new products or specific services.
  • Retain the most profitable customers.
  • Increase the average purchase or purchase frequency.
  • Offer the best prices according to profitability.
  • Refine prices to be more competitive.
  • Carry out promotions with higher marketing and advertising ROI.
  • Discard unprofitable areas or areas with a higher probability of non-payment.
  • Carry out mailings to the appropriate addresses.

Household’s Database

Listbroking Services

Get qualified files to carry out advertising campaigns for your direct marketing actions. With our B2C database listbroking service, you could carry out your direct marketing actions with full legal guarantees for their use. We have 15 database providers as file holders.

Listbroking Services

Obtain now the database you need to make your business grow.

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