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Administrator's Reports

The Administrator's reports contain the list of all the companies with which the administrator is or has been related.

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Administrator's Complete Report

The administrator's complete report provides all the necessary information to investigate an administrator allowing you to position it with the consultation of just one report thanks to the inclusion of all the companies with which he/she is or has been related as well as the basic information of the businesses.

The Administrator's Complete Report includes:

  • Chronological presentation of administration positions, a visual way to analyse the trajectory of an administrator.
  • List of positions as member or functional manager, exclusive information that allow you to entirely locate an administrator.
  • General data and basic information of all the companies with which the administrator is or has been related, identification data and business risk, business and financial information, corporate and legal structures.
  • Detail of all the positions, appointment and cessation dates, source, publishing data, register data and shareholding percentages.

Administrator's Report

It provides a relation of all the related companies with the detail of the name and province of each of the companies and the position of the administrator in each company.

This model is straightforward and has concise information on the administrator's report you want to consult

Board Members Monitoring

With this INFORMA D&B's exclusive service you can keep track of the movements of the administrators you are interested in, do not lose this opportunity of getting to know the Spanish companies in which they register or deregister.

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